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Horse Race

Welcome Everyone!

Here is a little about us......

My Names Jonathan and i'm a horse racing tipster i have run my group successfully for over 4 years now and we are only getting better as time goes on, I stick to the horse racing and my bud does all sports (Football, UFC, Boxing, Tennis, Darts, Snooker and Rugby) We have 2 VIP Groups all Details about them are in the telegram group or you can sign up below the VIP Slips.

Why Pick Us??

We Keep it honest and transparent always we have loads of testimonials you will find them below, We aint been going for over 4 years by luck its been threw hard work and good results the first year we done it all FREE before starting my VIP service for those wanting to control there gambling and turn it into a income rather than a bad habit, We are always working to improve are service to make it bigger and better everyday.

Unlike alot of tipsters we follow a point system this is so we know were we are at with Profit/Loss as you will see below we do very well profiting 26 Months out of 31 so far not many can match this so what are you waiting for come try us out!

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Profit / Loss From Starting VIP 


June 2021 +201 Points Profit 

July 2021 +221 Points Profit 

August 2021 +69.6 Points Profit 

September 2021 +92.8 Points Profit 

October 2021 +67.3 Point Profit 

November 2021 +114 Points Profit 

December 2021 +91 Points Profit 

January 2022 +44.2 Points Profit  

February 2022 +55 Points Profit 

March 2022 +19 Points Profit 

April 2022 +21.45 Points Profit 

May 2022 - 33 Points Lost 


Total For Are First 12 Months = + 963.65 


June 2022 - 50 Points Lost 

July 2022 +42.4 Points Profit 

August 2022 +12.2 Points Profit 

September 2022 +44.4 Points Profit 

October 2022 +45.3 Points Profit 

November 2022 Broke Even

December +50.05 Points Profit 

January 2023 +3.35 Points Profit 

February 2023 +49.7 Points Profit 

March 2023 +27.96 Points Profit 

April 2023 +77.9 Points Profit 

May 2023 +40 Points Profit 


Total For Are Second 12 Months = + 343.26 


June 2023 + 26.2 Points Profit 

July 2023 + 21.6 Points Profit

August 2023 + 100 Points Profit

September 2023 -45.76 Points Lost

October 2023 -17.05 Points Lost

November 2023 +9.9 Point Profit 

December 2023 - 13.4 Points Lost

January 2024 + 103.49 Points Profit 

February 2024 + 91.59 Points Profit

March 2024 - 41.83 Points Lost

April 2024 + 77.9 Points Profit

May 2024 - 47.2 Points Lost

Total For Are Third 12 Months = + 265.44

Total Points Profit In 33 Months = + 1,572.35

£1 Stakes Paid £1,572.35

 £10 Stakes Paid  £15,723.50

 £100 Stakes Paid £157,235.00

Members Winning Slips

image2 (1).jpeg
Home: About
Home: About

The New 
Analysis Group!

Analysis Group has been going a couple months now and has been a great added extra with plenty members making good money on accas and place accas, I Post my pick for every race everyday in there also give the members a NAP at each meeting when i post, Also there is a chat for members to post there place accas etc from my picks.

Big Winners - 7462/1 At Catterick, 250/1 & 140/1 At Newcastle And 714/1 & 367/1 At Kempton Along with so much more check my instagram highlights for all recent and previous results.


Started 19th July

- 19th July to 31st July 2023 118 Winners & 67 Placed!
- August 2023 300 Winners & 315 Placed!
- September 2023 274 Winners & 357 Placed!
- October 2023 228 Winners & 294 Placed!
- November 249 Winners & 294 Placed!
- December 204 Winners & 261 Placed!
- 2023 - Results 1373 Winners & 1588 Placed!
- January 2024 - 201 Winners & 249 Placed!
February 2024 - 206 Winners & 219 Placed!
March 2024 - 212 Winners & 229 Placed!
April 2024 - 206 Winners & 327 Placed!
May 2024 -322 Winners & 365 Placed

Total From Starting:
2,511 Winners & 2,973 Placed!

Horse Race

Come And Join V.I.P

Once You Have Paid Please Message Admin On Telegram To Get Added To V.I.P


Laura From The UK

“i Have Been With Jonathan From Day 1 it aint always sun and roses but there is definitely more ups than downs, A great tipster."

Danny From The UK

"Jon is a great lad and always banging in the winners roll on the next 100+ point month mate."

Dock From The USA

“Hey man just wanted to say that you are killing it and so is Thomas on the sports my money was well spent :) Thank You.”

Terms and conditions

This website is owned and operated by Jonathan & Thomas. These Terms set forth the terms and conditions under which you may use our website and services as offered by us. This website offers visitors information about are VIP services. By accessing or using the website of our service, you approve that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

You will be refunded if for some reason youv been kicked from the group (sharing info with others that are not in the VIP group.
if you wish to cancel please do it 24hrs before its due to end as you will be removed when cancelled.

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